The Beginning…

When I think of how to start this whole blog thing, I contemplate how I should fill the space with words and pictures. Do I start at the beginning of my adventure or somewhere in the middle of it? Many of you know my personal story and of my adventures that have lead me to this point, so I’ll disperse with that part.

Back in the fourth year of my tour leading experience, I was lucky enough to be stationed in Alaska. “The Last Frontier” It was every Trek America tour leader’s goal to get a season up there. With the amazing scenery, activities, animals and locals, there’s never a dull moment for your passengers. Yes, sometimes it’s cold and rainy, maybe even some summer snow, but if you’re prepared with your gear it’s an epic adventure.

From this experience, my friend (Jennie Dufour) and I discussed the possibility of starting a company to do loops in Alaska.  Indeed the premise or product has been done before, but there was something missing……

Doing some sea kayaking through the many icebergs of the Columbia Glacier.

……Time Lapse of a few years (Finished chemistry degree, started grad school, took a job with Dragoman leading in the Middle East, Africa, and South America)……

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