Travel Bug

One of the great things that happens when you’re traveling with a group of adventure travelers, is how you start discussing everyone’s prior travels; which then leads to the planning of your next adventure before the current one even ends. This was the case after one of my groups and I had finished trekking with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. It was the #1 experience of my life being surrounded by these amazing animals. Being completely surrounded by a family of 14 gorillas, allowing us to watch their interactions and just be a small part of their lives. There is no better feeling than seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.


 This amazing experience gives everyone enormous amounts of adrenaline and after sharing each individual experience, the conversation continued to previous travels that had led people to similar interactions with wildlife. What I shared with my fellow travelers were my experiences I had had in Alaska.

Alaska, “The Last Frontier”, is abundant with stellar scenery, native and fishing cultures, all kinds of activities (from mellow to extreme) and wildlife to rival the best safaris in Africa. When you go to Denali National Park, there are no trails. It’s a wilderness that gives the adventurous soul a trailblazing experience unparalleled. Climb a mountain, hike through a flowered valley or follow the meandering path of the braided rivers while increasing your chances of seeing a bear, wolf, moose, caribou, fox, and so many other unique wild animals. Want to see the highest peak in North America? Hop in a seven-seater plane and soar over the national park and Mount McKinley with phenomenal views of glaciers, moraines and pristine wilderness.



Just by discussing this one place in Alaska, I had my passengers hooked on the next adventure and they wanted to do it for 2013! Well, the company that I used to work for had only small passenger vans and these people were used to having their space in the large overland vehicle we were currently using. This was the perfect inspiration for starting my own company. The question was, could I get it up and running in time?

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2 Responses to Travel Bug

  1. Laura Conger says:

    Hi Dave – how appropriate that I read your first piece while watching the “Attenborough: 60 years in the Wild” on BBC 2. David has just covered the first Gorilla filming that he did with Diane Fossie. How wonderful! I am so looking forward to seeing them in Rowanda, perhaps in September…but first…Petra and Jordan Trekk in April! EXCITED! – Laura Conger

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