Las Vegas Madness

I have to admit, Las Vegas was never really on my bucket list. Gambling is something which never seemed appealing to me. I had too much statistics at school and university which told me that my chance to win was marginal.

But at the same time I am curious and always up for new things. So I got myself ready for a night out in Las Vegas. We were meeting up with an old friend of Dave, had a nice dinner with some margaritas (a good start!) and finally ended up at the first casino.


Dave and John went straight for the Black Jack Table. And when Dave changed a hundred Dollar bill into chips I really had to hold myself back. “Seriously? You are wasting hundred dollars to gamble? Most likely losing it all?” The game started and I had no clue what was going on. It happened so fast! Chips were going and coming back to us. I found out about the positive side of gambling: While you are sitting and playing all drinks were for free…


After half an hour John lost all his chips (and all his money), Dave surprisingly managed to get out even! We decided to take it a little slower and sit down at the bar with computer games. I am not sure if it was the amount of alcohol I already consumed or the fact that you gamble for a lot less at these computers, but I started liking it: Drinks for free and once in a while I tried my luck with the “Computer Black Jack”. I listened to the smartass comments from Dave and John how to win and how to play properly… and… decided that according to my knowledge I shouldn’t follow their advice. I was playing ten dollars, 25 cent each game, so there wasn’t much to lose. We ended up having a fun night, getting drunk and talking about politics – always a fun thing when Europeans and Americans come together…


Probably it was just the beginner’s luck (I like to believe it was my left-over knowledge from statistics school science) and I made my ten dollars to become fourteen in the end! I have to admit that I didn’t care in the end of the night. It was fun hanging out with friends and having a good time.

Believe me – the following day I was useless.  My hangover was so bad that I decided to not drink for a while. But I guess that’s how your first Vegas experience should be!

If you have never been to Vegas, why not jump on one of our trips in the Western US this autumn? Las Vegas will be ending and starting point for some of our adventure trips and you will be able to combine city highlights with all the outdoor fun in the National Parks of North America!

We have left boiling hot Nevada and are almost at the border to Canada. This is our green campside next to the Beaver River in Montana.


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