Who get’s the best shot?

Everybody get’s excited seeing animals in the wildlife. And there are plenty of opportunities in Alaska. That’s for sure. But for some reason it isn’t enough to just see them and enjoy the moment. Everybody (including David and me) wants to have the perfect shot – camera shot of course. Take pictures as memories back home and most likely also publish them on facebook. But for some reason animals love to show us their butts or hide behind the bushes. So the competition starts: who get’s the best shot of the day? We have some real butt shot winners here:




But with a lot of patience and thanks to the digital camera age we also managed to get a few head shots!





Photo Credits: Thorsten Brehm, Evelien van den Brink, Nat

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1 Response to Who get’s the best shot?

  1. I was thinking with the first few photos that the post maybe should be entitled ‘Bums to You!’ LOL – great photos 🙂

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