“I will explore and discover the natural world and other cultures wherever I go!”

“I will explore and discover the natural world and other cultures wherever I go”

…this is one of the lines of the oath you have to swear when you become a Junior Ranger for Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Yes, I know, I am 32 years old and far away from the age when you usually earn a Junior Ranger Badge. But I really like the quote from the oath, I had great experiences at Kenai Fjords NP and yes, I am also a goofball. So once I had the idea in my head, nothing could stop me from filling out the little quizzes and finally swearing an oath in front of the Ranger.


You can watch the video me swearing the oath on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f37DC5pgKrk&feature=youtu.be

Kenai Fjords Wildlife: from Orcas to Bears and Eagles to Sea Otters

This summer it was the first time for me to see Orcas, Gray Whales, Humpbacks and Beluga Whales. You stare out into the ocean for an hour and out of a sudden you see a black dot popping up once in a while. When you finally see a splashing fountain you are sure you spotted a whale! Here are my two favourite shots of a Gray Whale and an Orca.

orca        P1060767a

When you hike Exit Glacier it will take your breath away litterally because you are gaining altitude very quickly and because of the stunning views of the surroundings! And maybe also because you might be a little nervous as a black bear could appear anytime on the hiking trail.


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