To Travel Around the World!


This is what we’re setting out to build although she may be a bit different.

Over the years Natalie and I have been working on Infinite Adventures almost non-stop. We are at a point now where we need to decide when will it be the right time to turn it over to other leaders. I mean, we love what we do and are passionate about sharing the amazing places here in North America to fellow travelers, but we’ve got to find more time for us to do our own travels.

I firmly believe that to make something happen you need to visualize and verbalize what you want. This comes from my days of playing sports, especially when I was a pitcher. You needed visualize the target and go from a broad focus to a fine focus while telling yourself you could make the perfect pitch. All the years of repetitive motions throwing the ball becomes instinctual, but there was that connection with the mind that needed be the last part of the puzzle.

Similarly, I do this with my fellow travelers when we are on our wildlife cruises or safaris. It might be a bit hokey to some, but I ask them what they want to see most allowing them to verbalize is and access what it would look like to them. I know it doesn’t always happen the way they thought or even at all, but I would say a higher percentage of the time it is pretty close. By sharing it with myself and the others in the group, we combine our energy to visualize the sow and her two cubs. So, maybe we aren’t calling the animals to or maybe we are, but now you’ve got that many more eyes on the lookout for them.

Either way, when they do see her and her cubs, the excitement is truly enjoyable and contagious. Next, I want to see a breaching humpback! No doubt, they’re believers now.

Anyways, I’ve been verbalizing that I want to drive around the world for the past few years in our own personal overland adventure vehicle. Visualizing the perfect setup for our vehicle and travel needs. The thought of Nat and myself traveling wherever the hell we want for months at a time. Meeting other travelers and exploring new places each and every day. Don’t get me wrong, traveling can be exhausting from border crossings, language barriers, monetary exchange, breakdowns, sickness, culture shock, and just plain fatigue. For me though, the benefits of travel overseas truly outweighs those few negatives.

So, over the next months I’ll be taking a 2004 Toyota Tacoma and turning her into our home for the fall of 2017 after our 5th season with Infinite Adventures. Don’t worry, we’ll come back and run our trips, or will we???

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