Our Muse has Arrived!

Here is Natalie’s love (Consuela) next to our new muse. What shall we call him/her? I usually name my vehicles a female name. This ritual was taken from Dragoman when I first started working for them and their trucks were named after supermodels. I mean, who doesn’t take loving care of the women in their life?

The decision was made to get a Toyota Tacoma because throughout the rest of the world, her brother is the Toyota Hilux. This way, when we are in a foreign country, parts will be easier to come by and hopefully the local mechanic will have some experience working on one before. As they say in Germany, I’m pressing my thumbs on that one. We’ll carry some spare parts, but it’s not a bus or a truck, so we won’t get carried away.

I love having a project to work on and the goal of traveling the world to look forward to.

What should I add first? Roof rack, rock sliders, leveling kit, bumper, winch… So many ideas, yet I’ve got to be economical with finances and weight.


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